Rachel's Poem
for Rawlin



In Loving Memory
Rawlin Preston Scott

March 5, 1980 - June 5, 1999


There's a little piece of heaven
That God gave to me.
It happened on my birthday
What a gift was he.

He was a ray of sunshine
when to my heart he came
I'm better to have known him
my life is not the same.

His stay with me was all too brief
But I've loved him from his birth
Now God has that piece of heaven
that I had here on earth.

Dr. Scott's son, Rawlin,
was born on her birthday.
She says he was the best
present she ever got.


In memory of Rawlin I have organized a Presentation entitled T e e n A n g e l.

It is to educate teenager, parents, teachers, health care providers, and others of risk behavior and the incidence of high mortality rates with Motor Vehicle Accidents—No.1 killer of teenagers. It has a powerful impact upon audience of all ages and professions, especially teenagers. The message for responsible driving and safety is well presented from the heart of Rawlin’s mother, Dr. Scott. Woven into this are the issues of family relationship, communications, and self concept. It also addresses the issues of Death and Dying and the Grieving Process. How do you say “Goodbye”?
Rawlin and I shared the same Birthday the day he was born and for an additional 19 times. I told him, “You are the best birthday present that I ever got!”
Thank you
Dr Scott



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