Are You Nobody from Nowhere going No Place
Then this is for You
A Journey to remember
A vision and a dream come true

"This is a story of a woman who follows her dreams.  She faces setback after setback but because of her family's love for her and her love for what she is trying to do, she is able to become the doctor she wanted to be.  The book is funny, sad, heart-breaking,  inspiring." EVH

  "Motivation for anyone who wants to make a dream come true. Laughter, and tears march across the pages, that tell of a Tennessee woman who is determined to make it in the medical field."
Jo Scott, Co-author, Rays of Light





This is a tribute to those ladies who don't enjoy having their picture taken.

Dr. Scott hosts a health and wellness class for ladies. The classes promote better health and fitness as well as self esteem.

Daily Walking. 

My patient meet at my office and we walk up and down the hills and hollers behind our house for 45-60 minutes and then we return to my office for weight education and nutritional counseling for 10-20 minutes  while we quenched our thirst with water. 

I walked in a group to encourage individuals to walk for good health.  My team won first place with the most number miles walked.


Click on the link >> UP, UP, & AWAY: WOMEN’S HEALTH, Promoting Awareness and Prevention of Disease in the Female.


The presentation addresses key issues to the leading causes of death for women. Female screening is central to addressing those health issues.

This program can be a resource for training of health care providers and in conjunction provide a on-site educational course for Continued Medical Education.

Contact Dr. Scott to schedule an on-site motivational-educational conference to meet your needs!





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